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The Black Temple and the creations which emerge from its den are an extension of our creative purpose and mission. We are a small sustainable streetwear and festival fashion label built around courageous self love, expression, and empowerment. As ambassadors of this earth, it is part of our philosophy to minimize our environmental impact without sacrificing bold style and playfulness for muted sustainable clothing. This is one of the many reasons why every article of clothing is handmade and hand printed locally in-house in Los Angeles, California. We focus on the small details that are required to elevate an article of clothing to a piece of functioning art. By utilizing every tool at our disposal, we are able to produce little to zero waste in our operations and production processes. We pair blends of luxurious high-end, bold, cruelty free, and sustainable textiles together. Every scrap of material generated is donated or re-purposed into unique handmade accessories and one of a kind custom pieces. Creativity is an instinct and a drive that feeds our spirit; we are weaving webs of creation.


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